365.ANALYTICS is specialised in longitudinal research and developed for this reason its own online survey platform. This gives us more flexibility in terms of programming, automation of processes, increased data quality control and a gain of efficiency when merging with internal, transactional databases.

Based on the feedback we have received over a period of 5 years, we have re-engineered our survey engine to the latest open-source technology build with HTML5, javscript, Redis and elasticsearch and hosted on Amazon Cloud Services with the EU to get best in class reliability and scalability for any of your projects.

We offer our survey engine as a managed solution and as part of full service projects.

easy to complete for your clients, your employees

multi-platform, mobile
Responsive. You can answer the survey on almost all HTML (and javascript) enabled devices, from mobile to tablets to universal desktop computers.
clean, beautiful design
The survey system is designed with minimalism and ergonomic guidelines in mind, avoiding to loose the respondent during the process.
fast loading time
We use optimised distributed storage and cache system to be enable to serve the pages as fast as possible. Each page is as light as possible to allow a fast download time on each platform.
multilingual surveys
Every respondent can fill in the survey in the language of his/her choice.
no cookies
We don’t need or use cookies on the client browser. We use a proprietary system to detect duplicates. We don’t write any information in the respondent browser. This allows us to respect the respondent privacy, EU regulations and respect a company ethic.

more flexibility, more quality control, more data

quality control
Automated data quality control processes (on speeders, satisfycing, straigthliners, inconsistent answer patterns ...) Different question types with input validation Analysis on servers logs Detailed survey statistics Real-time notifications and hot alerts
routing & filtering
Criteria for routing, filtering and piping can be based on previous answers, previous surveys, from any parameter received in the client database, from the environment (device, browser, language, etc), based on time and geolocation or even random sampling.
time based research
Analysis on the time needed to complete a question (item)
click based research
Analysis on where respondents click when showing images (ads). Results are shown on a heatmap.
interaction research
Analysis on which answers option respondents click before making a final choice

multi-channel distribution

Collect your answers from different sources with success:

Custom e-mail invitations and reminders
print, QR codes
No email addresses. No problem. We'll send your invitation worldwide by postal services.
We connect to any online panel worldwide
Send a text to the smartphones of your customers with an invite to participate to the survey.
F2F, telephone
Do you have a difficult to reach your target group. We handle F2F and telephone surveys as well.
social media
Invite respondents through twitter, facebook ...

We have a large experience with integrating and analyzing different sources.

real-time results and analysis

Research facilitator

We offer a managed solution.

The programming of the questionnaire, the design, sending the invitations, (automated) quality control, helpdesk for respondents … everything is done by our experienced staff.

As output, we can offer a flatfile (accessible through API), table reporting and interactive reporting (dashboard).

365.ANALYTICS manages the entire project and fieldwork with minimal time required on your part.

Full service research projects

Full service projects also include:

Defining methodology in line with your objectives, target groups, quota and budget

Questionnaire development and translation

Data Analysis

Insight reports

Research-based consultancy


The following companies have already used our new survey engine.

  • FedEx
  • Delta LLoyd Life
  • Delta Lloyd Bank
  • KONE

We use HTML5 (with responsive and universal data representation), Redis (an answers first-layer cache in-memory data store) and ElasticSearch (versatile data-store allowing near real-time full-text and faceted search on semi-structured documents).

Hosted on Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 servers (within the EU), it assures a very high reliability (available 7/7 – 24/24) and optional scalability. Amazon CouldFront is used to serve cached pre-processed static files so that the static parts of the HTML5 survey are distributed faster to the respondent.

Redis helps us to perform near real-time, direct small analytics. The ability of Redis to manage data transactions at high volume and extremely high speed allows the survey system to reduce the page loading time. This benefits greatly to the comfort to complete the survey.

We don’t need or use cookies on the client browser.

Backups of data are stored continuously using Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3), allowing both transactional data and database snapshots to be distributed throughout the Amazon cloud. ElasticSearch data is also replicated over various different nodes (distributed cluster), ensuring constant availability and high redundancy.

The days of long surveys are over; today, surveys should be short, although the actual questionnaires can still be lengthy. Smarter, dynamic, micro surveys can be conducted at various touch points, and can be combined with CRM, transactional and social media data.

It can be better to give lots of respondents, short different surveys at different points in the value chain and customer life cycle. Then enrich it with any data you can lay your hands on (e.g. location based data, Klout score, customer profitability etc.).

Surveys shall become smarter. We should not ask questions to respondents to which we can get or estimate the answer elsewhere. Use in memory analytics to allow surveys draw initial conclusions and adapt itself while respondent is answering.

Make data collection universal (incl. mobile, social). Today your clients could answer a few questions off their mobile, some more through Facebook and finally some more over the phone.