employee satisfaction research

How satisfied and loyal are your employees?

Employee are one of the most, if not the most important asset of a company. And their expectations are continually evolving. Their opinion is very important to your company. 

We have a long experience in measuring employee satisfaction. We can ensure maximum anonymity to your employees.

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365.ANALYTICS provides a complete web-based reporting dashboard, insight reports and consultancy, guiding you through results, conclusions and supporting a collaborative decision-making process.

An example.

  • Determining importance with Random Forest.

  • Identifying and interpreting significant differences with nonparametric tests (e.g. such as Kruskal–Wallis) and Tukey's range test. Main advantage of our method is that we do not compare one group against the total, but identify significant differences between the groups.

Our services include:

  • Report (+/-25 pages)
  • Frequency can go from quarterly to annual reports
  • The analysis and recommendations focus on what matters and where to act
  • Discussion and presentation of results
  • Advice and follow-up
  • Employee survey (18 countries, B2B, 2006-2012)
  • Bi-yearly Employee Satisfaction Survey (29 countries, since 2009)
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey, Belgian Federal Government. (2008-2011)

Five recommendations to conduct better employee research

  1. Foresee enough time for internal validation of the questionnaire and invitation mail. For international projects we often plan on 4 to 6 weeks to get all necessary approvals from boards and councils.

  2. Create trust. Without trust employees will be reluctant to participate or to give honest answers. Employees quickly realise that by combining detailed socio-demographic answers you can identify them. Do you need all the details? They also question the confidentiality and anonymity when you’re sending them a unique URL. Though a unique URL per respondents has its advantages research-wise, you could consider using an anonymous URL. You could outsource your employee satisfaction survey to an external agency, but that alone might not be enough. In any case you need to be transparent on what you’ll do with the results and how they will be presented.

  3. Don’t create false expectations and don’t ask anything you can’t deliver. Everyone (well, most people!) want a higher salary and better benefits with more vacation days.

  4. Keep the survey short and clear. Although response rates are higher and break-off lower than with customer research, most of the rules to reduce survey break-off apply here as well.

  5. Share the most important results with all your employee