Real-Time Data Search and Analytics Engine

Building Big Data is an asset for any company because building and unlocking the power of Big Data represents an unprecedented opportunity for competitive advantage. Analysing Big Data provides opportunities to detect new patterns and anomalies – and anomalies drive innovation!

Elasticsearch is a versatile data-store allowing real-time full-text and faceted search on semi-structured documents.

  • Elasticsearch provides analysts with immediate access to results and analyses, as well as the opportunity to combine any number of demographic breaks and filters to segment large data sets.
  • Returns results at very fast speed.
  • Unlimited data. As we need more capacity, we just add more servers. Elasticsearch will reorganise itself to take advantage of the extra hardware.
  • High availability. Since we use multiple servers per project, if one fails, elasticsearch will itself to ensure that our data is safe and accessible.
  • Full text search op verbatims within and across all surveys. Elasticsearch uses Lucene to provide the powerful full text search capabilities with multi-language support.
  • Social media
  • Market research
  • Open data

We can help you with analysing your needs, building and enhancing your product and accelerating product development.

Services include

  • Architectural advice
  • Setup
  • Optimising mapping
  • Real-time automated data collection
  • Convert your data to structured JSON documents.
  • Build the blocks for faceted (aggregated) search.
  • Web service for querying and dashboard for data visualization.
  • Add R-components for analysis on aggregated data. R is a programming language with statistical computing.
  • Create rivers for real-time automated data collection
  • Design validation.

We can host your application.

  • Hosted on Amazon Cloud Services (within the EU), it assures a very high reliability (available 7/7 – 24/24) and optional scalability.
  • Amazon CouldFront is used to serve cached pre-processed static files so that the static parts of the HTML5 dashboard are distributed faster to the analyst.
  • Backups of data are stored continuously using Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3), allowing both transactional data and database snapshots to be distributed throughout the Amazon cloud.
  • ElasticSearch data is also replicated over various different nodes (distributed cluster), ensuring constant availability and high redundancy.